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Our Vision

The Cold War is an important part of world history. Many individuals served our country during this time and were dedicated to the protection of freedom throughout the world. As historians continue to define the meaning and outcomes of the Cold War, we intend to educate the world about this important time in history.
Many important technological advances were made during the Cold War in areas such as nuclear weapons and stealth technologies. Many individuals were involved in top secret experiments, such as the creation of the Sea Shadow (pictured above), and classified operations such as Operation Jennifer. Many of the individuals involved in these projects and missions dedicated their lives to this country and some even paid the ultimate price.
We intend to establish a high quality institution here in Marysville to promote the accomplishments of Californians in the execution of the Cold War. Beale AFB, here in Yuba County, played many roles during this time. Early on, B-52's were on alert here, SR-71 and U-2 aircraft were stationed here and a Squadron of Titan 1 missiles were headquartered out of Beale. The missile sites were located in three small communities around the Base. The 851st Strategic Missile Squadron was the first to pass an ORI.
To accomplish these goals will take alot of support. Support in the way of donations, volunteers, corporations, and community support. 
We hope you will consider making your tax deductible donation today to help make this project happen.
Click Here for more Sea Shadow pictures. 
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